Gary Woodroffe, Gary Lee Woodroffe, Truth, Justice, Mercy

Gary Woodroffe, Gary Lee Woodroffe, Truth, Justice, Mercy
Gary Woodroffe, Gary Lee Woodroffe, Truth, Justice, Mercy

Gary Woodroffe, Gary Lee Woodroffe, Truth, Justice, Mercy

Truth, Justice and Mercy: The Weightier Things

Author Gary Woodroffe

Copyright 2013

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  1. I am old fashioned about keeping my word.  Since God always keeps His Word, I believe I should keep mine since He is my Father, so that means telling the truth and keeping my promise, whether or not people like it or believe me.   In Psalms it says “he keeps his word even to his own hurt.”  I believe when I keep my word even to my own hurt God sees and hears.

In past times there was no need for legal contracts and the like we have now, when an agreement was made, they shook hands and that was the end of it, they kept their agreement.  Even the legal contracts we have now aren’t much good because our legal system doesn’t prosecute perjury, which is a lie under oath, so the truth is irrelevant in a court of law, but not God’s court of law.

Truth v. Slander

Slander is one of the worst form of lying.  It is a public accusation made on falsehood, most of the time that falsehood is a known falsehood on the part of the accuser.  Slander damages not only the slanderee, but their name, children, family, career and everything they do. Slander is a primary reason that I am writing this blog.  The old testament states that if we are accused, we must reply to that accusation; if we do not reply, that accusation is accepted as the truth whether or not it is true.  God obligates us to respond.

Even though slander and lies have been destructive in my life, I am grateful to God that He knows the truth; He says, “I am God and I change not.” God doesn’t change; He knows the truth and isn’t subject to the same changing basis for truth, kronyism, bribes and other changing basis for truth as man creates without God.

When we stand before God, He says in the bible we will give account for every idle word… and “liars, slanderers, gossips..”(and more) will have their part in the lake of fire.  I am not here to placate and appease every wind of whatever people want,  I have said and stuck to for many years some statements some people don’t like; I will stand by the truth as I have done for many years.

Many people keep their word when convenient if at all, even Christians. They can’t be trusted.  I have heard some of the most skilled liars say “you gotta believe ‘em”, ultimately saying they believe their own lies.  I refuse to believe lies and refuse to tell them.


  1. Justice is another passion of mine, most likely because this life shows so little true justice; I am not referring to revenge. We cannot arrive at justice if we do not take the path of truth to get there.  When a legal decision contradicts facts; it is impossible to arrive at justice;  law – especially God’s standard of Apriori law cannot possibly support a contradiction to fact which is a lie.

Having studied the concept of Justice at Seattle University, I come to understand that Justice is the foundation of God’s throne; He cannot be allied with a lie, nor base His Justice on a lie.  Justice is not just a nice idea or a good idea, it is the essential ingredient in any society in history in order to maintain order.  Since our society has lost its appreciation for truth; justice is impossible; therefore, a large part of our society is irate and exasperated; the family courts are a dismal example.  The majority of children who are commodities in the family courts are left without any voice; while the parent – usually dad is cut off from access, leaving the child an easy mark for any predator regardless what side of the government.  Major parts of our society are exasperated for good reason after watching their families destroyed.


Education is another way of publishing truth; which is my purpose – to publish the truthfulness of those facts, truths, events, decisions whether they be based on benevolent intent or malice.  Jesus said to “shout it from the housetop” which is my passion – to publish those secret tears of the children left without voice, even to those who don’t want to hear or refuse to; they are then left with no excuse and the children have the voice they had previously not.

Mercy & Restorative Justice

  1. Mercy was included by the Savior’s discourse as He rebuked the Pharisees, saying that they had “neglected the weightier matters Truth, Justice and Mercy.” If mercy triumphs over justice, which is what the scriptures say, then mercy is nearly absent from our society; instead, malice driving slander and castigation are rampant in our political processes and courts.  Correction becomes tyrannical oppression without the restorative justice of mercy, which since we have run God out of town on a rail in our society, we have little or no concept of Truth, Justice or Mercy in our government, schools, courts or families, whether in the churches or battlegrounds of our city streets.

Final Thoughts

Paul Simon said in his song “I’d rather be a hammer than a nail”… I say not, since we will all stand before God to give account unless our sins are covered by His blood.  My passions are Truth, Justice and Mercy; those are the only things we will take with us into the next life as given by God.

copyright 2013 all rights reserved.


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